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Phone: 0131 3746692
Email: info@future-gym.co.uk

Areas of Expertise

  • Bespoke plan for your natural shape and lifestyle
  • Body confidence
  • Body fat reduction/weight loss
  • Functional specialist
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Muscle tone and development
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Persistent motivation
  • Postural analysis and plan to correct through core training (back care)
  • Sport-specific training
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Mental health first aid


I have over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry.  My achievements in the last five years include:

  • Number one personal trainer of the Region for the biggest organisation in the UK.
  • Personal trainer of the month for Hapori personal trainer systems.
  • Ambassador of reflex nutrition the forefront of sports Nutrition.
  • Making good business contacts around Scotland so that Future Gym has the support of over 20 businesses.
  • Owner at Future Gym.

My training philosophy is simple and yet very effective. Take small steps and be consistent. Every day, every week, every month, you can chase personal growth. Getting stronger, faster and more successful takes focus. It’s a daily ritual based around hard graft and discipline. This mindset pervades every aspect of my own life. If you too want to see growth, come and graft with me. Sometimes training, like life, gets tough. When it does – give it all you’ve got and rise above it! Realise your potential and go after it!

With all clients, I first run over personal and family medical history, watch and assess fitness level, and monitor motor and sensory functions. Then I work on building a personal program designed to meet your abilities, weaknesses and strengths. We work on setting and smashing your goals. My techniques are tried and tested and will get you where you want to be!

My motto is, it’s nice to be nice. It’s all good with a cheeky smile.


    Phone: 0131 3746692
    Email: info@future-gym.co.uk

    Areas of Expertise

    • Latin and international music-based dance fitness classes – ZumbaTM and Zumba GoldTM
    • Group exercise for Children (aged 7+)
    • Muscle toning and flexibility
    • Workplace mental health and fitness
    • Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) FIT Coaching for weight loss and reduce sedentary lifestyle through improving daily movement
    • Mental health first aid


    I am a Group Exercise Instructor currently working on my Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer qualification.

    My aspiration as a Fitness Instructor is to get people moving and feeling great physically, mentally and emotionally. I do this through fun and energetic dance-based fitness classes to suit the needs of my client groups, which has included Mum’s group, Girl Guides and NHS services. I also work with individual clients using coaching techniques and tools to help them achieve their fitness goal by making small achievable changes to their daily lives with huge impact on their wellbeing over time. I believe that active listening and meeting where clients are at is fundamental in working with them in co-designing a fitness programme that is fun, motivating and works for them.


      Phone: 0131 3746692
      Email: info@future-gym.co.uk

      Areas of Expertise

      My Yoga sessions are varied and my approach allows you to have confidence in your own body and its abilities as well as have fun in the process. I teach all levels of Yoga from absolute beginners to more advanced Yogis. The styles I teach are Hatha, Vinyasa, Myofascial Release, Acuyin, Yin and Therapeutic Yoga with each session including elements of breathwork, postures and relaxation and/or meditation.


      Coming from a Sport Science background, I have always enjoyed understanding how the body works and I use all my skills in Fitness, Massage, Nutrition and Yoga in nearly all that I do. I used to teach and take part in so many high intensity sessions but when I discovered Yoga, I found that I got everything I needed both mentally and physically from it so decided to train as a teacher and leave my 9-5 job to teach Yoga and massage full time.

      I have performed Massage for over twelve years and worked at some big sporting events over the years which I absolutely love. However, you don’t have to be an athlete to feel the benefits of a Sports or Deep Tissue Massage as I work with most injuries and conditions.

      During a Massage session, a consultation including postural analysis is always performed at the start of your treatment. This may include active and/or passive movements to ensure that I treat you to the best of my ability. Throughout the session, I may use a variety of techniques and pressures to treat aches and pains, sports injuries and chronic conditions as well as pre and post event massage. As part of your aftercare, I may demonstrate or send you links to different strengthening exercises, stretches and techniques to promote your own wellness.


        Phone: 0131 3746692
        Email: info@future-gym.co.uk

        Areas of Expertise

        Level 2 Gym instructor
        Trainee PT


        Sport or Fitness are two very important aspects of maintening a healthy balanced lifestyle. For me, fitness has led me to pursue a career that offers a wide range of opportunities.


          Phone: 0131 3746692
          Email: info@future-gym.co.uk

          Areas of Expertise

          Muscle building
          Sports specific training
          Strength and endurance training through Kettlebells
          Strength and endurance training through resistance training
          Tailored program specific to your goals
          Nutritional support and advice
          Daily check-ins


          Level 3 certificate in Personal Training
          Level 2 certificate in Fitness Instructing
          Certificate in Gym based Boxing, Studio Cycling, Circuits and Basic Nutrition.
          Metafit Instructor
          Fatburn Extreme Instructor


          Throughout my time as a Personal Trainer, I developed a huge connection with Kettlebells. I couldn’t believe how challenging and effective Kettlebells were, and the rapid response they have on increasing your strength, also improving the flexibility and definition of your muscles. I found that I was able to perform better at everyday tasks due to the way most Kettlebell exercises mimic the movements that we use day to day. Meaning you will live a better quality of life.

          Since using Kettlebells on a personal level, they became a staple tool throughout my clients training programs. Neither me or my clients could believe how quickly it was changing their body, and how fast it was getting them to their goals. This is known as the ‘What The Hell’ effect.

          I take you through every session ensuring you are completing exercises safely, effectively, and to the best of your ability, to ensure that constant change is being made on your journey to success.

          My Philosophy.
          I want for people to move more, and become stronger through their body and mind.


            Phone: 0131 3746692
            Email: info@future-gym.co.uk

            Areas of Expertise

            Cardio vascular training using systems such as LSD, fartlek and interval
            Circuit training
            1-1 sessions tailored programs specific to your future goals
            Weight loss
            The importance of stretching (dynamic, static) and cool downs


            I specialise in weight loss, general health and wellbeing, daily movement and maintenance

            I have a great passion for health and fitness, I started my journey on becoming a Personal trainer as I wanted to work on myself, I was unfit and didn’t eat very well, so I started going to the gym, hired a Personal trainer to help me get motivated and help me do the exercises correctly and I thought to myself this is great and my personal trainer really inspired me, he inspired me so much that I wanted to become a PT !

            I understand the challenges of losing weight and keeping it off, the ups and downs, the stopping and restarting, because I’ve been there before, the challenges of trying to eat healthy, maintain a job and make time to go to the gym and work on yourself.

            My goal is to help you reach your goals and to help you maintain and progress them however you feel comfortable. I structure my programs so that you feel confident in your body and your movement.

            Level 3 personal trainer
            Level 2 fitness instructor
            Advanced sports and exercise nutritional advisor
            Centre of excellence, personal fitness trainer diploma


              Phone: 0131 3746692
              Email: info@future-gym.co.uk

              Areas of Expertise

              Swedish Massage
              Sports Massage
              Deep Tissue Massage
              Cupping Therapy


              Remaining injury free should be a top priority for anyone. From day to day work, to high level sports – getting hurt can set anyone back. My goal as a massage therapist is to work in a preventative manner – To help reduce those injury risks while helping improve performance, mood and energy levels.

              With 15+ years of training experience towards my own sporting goals and achievements, I understand the importance of being able to continue training and improving. My aim as a massage therapist is to use my skills and keep you injury free by reducing pain, improving mobility and helping with the recovery process.


                Phone: 0131 3746692
                Email: info@future-gym.co.uk

                Areas of Expertise

                Health & Fitness
                Personal Training
                Weight Lifting
                Olympic Lifting


                I have my HND in health fitness and exercise and my level 2 and 3 personal training and my level 1 in nutrition.

                I have always had a passion for weight lifting and have been training for 12 years.
                Olympic lifting is something i have a massive interest in and i am currently doing my level 1 to coach olympic lifting.

                I love helping people gain confidence in the gym and get a buzz when clients hit there goals.

                I cant wait to get started at Future Gym and meet everyone.


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