Online PT Training


If you find it hard to commit to going to the gym regularly, online training is for you. You will receive a fitness program, an online weekly check up with your Future Gym trainer and nutrition guidance.


Number of Sessions

Session Expiry

Price Per Session

30 Minutes 1 Month £30.00
12 x 30 Minutes 3 Months £20.00
16 x 30 Minutes 3 Months £18.00
24 x 30 Minutes 3 Months £15.00
48 x 30 Minutes 6 Months £13.00
96 x 30 Minutes 12 Months £10.00

Additional information

Personal Trainer

Dave, Janine

Online Personal Training

30 Minutes, 12 x 30 Minutes, 16 x 30 Minutes, 24 x 30 Minutes, 48 x 30 Minutes, 96 x 30 Minutes


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