Long reflexive post alert

Future Gym opened our doors on 1st May 2021, and what a year it has been!

Opening a community gym has been one of my life long dreams, and professional goal as a Personal Trainer of more than 15 years’ experience. When I had the opportunity to create Future Gym facilities, I knew it would be a risk to open a gym during a pandemic but I thought if there was a time we needed to prioritise our fitness and health this was it.

1 year on, with the generous support of everyone in the community, we are still here and continuing to grow stronger. THANK YOU very much for welcoming me into the community – I am so proud and humbled for the support from Everyone from the get-go.

Even though we are a small independent gym – we try our very best to be part of this amazing community here in South Queensferry. We have achieved quite a few things that I would like to share with you:

  • Growing our gym capacity and improving our services to members. In the past 12 months Future Gym facilities have grown and continue to improve. When we first opened, we started off with our main gym floor, an additional gym space and our studio. Now, we have an additional gym room, a training pod, therapy room and disabled amenities. We have also acquired more fitness equipment to cater for all levels of fitness through our own investment and generous gifts from our Members. Thank you!

We have also partnered with one of the top training provider in the UK (Origym) to ensure our Personal Trainers continue to improve their skills, and to provide our valued Members with the best possible service.

  • Keeping our community fit and well. My key vision for the gym is to ensure an inclusive fitness space to enable everyone to feel comfortable and achieve their personal physically and wellbeing goals. We have invested in our Active Community project to make our group exercises available to members and non-members. We continue to explored and identify facilities and areas outside of our gym, in the hope to make better use of the green spaces around the local area and to better utilise venues to make classes more accessible to more people. We had originally planned to introduce this scheme only in our 2nd year of operation, so I am delighted to have given this a go and learned from it in our 1st year. More to come in Year 2+.

Through Eric’s work as a Public Health Researcher, Future Gym is unique in that we are one of the first gyms (if not the only one) in Scotland to provide free condoms on premise alongside period products. Eric and myself are also Mental Health First Aid trained and continue to have an open door to anyone who would like to come into the gym for a chat if they want or in need of a listening ear. In all, we hope that Future Gym will add to the wellbeing and resilience of the local community.

We are also the proud sponsor of new football kit for the local primary school team which we hope will continue to encourage children to be more involved in sport and competition.

*Connecting with other businesses and the community. We are working in partnership with local businesses and services to offer exceptional deals on our memberships as a way of supporting our community, and to encourage better life-work balance. We currently have over 20 business partnerships and will continue to reach out and welcome other businesses to join our community.

I am also very humbled to have been nominated for Scottish Business Awards by the good people of SQ – this was very unexpected given we have only opened for a short period of time – but we are grateful for the trust and belief that you have in me and my team and my Gym. Thank you!

I would like to take the time to thank MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton for his support even before the gym opened. It was fantastic to have him visit the gym. Eric and I will continue to work closely with Alex to develop ideas of how we can improve the health of the local community, including support for people who are recovering from long covid and have chronic health conditions.

*Supporting students and enabling them to learn and grow. We invested in the local Active School programme to make available funding for a sport programme for P7s to increase opportunities for the children to get active and encourage them to take up sports as they progress into high schools. We’ve also opened our gym to undergraduate and postgraduate students from Napier University Edinburgh to undertake their placements with us and have also taken on Personal Trainer Trainees who live locally to SQ, to support them in improving their skills and to learn about the industry.

Future Gym are proud to sponsor strongwoman Shauna Moar who won her competition.

BNSF Scotland’s strongest woman U85kg

It is only taking stock of what has happened in the past year that I’ve come to realise how much we have achieved at Future Gym. It will be a lie to say that it has been smooth sailing. It has been a challenging time and we have had downs but also many ups. The past few months (and in fact the last year or so) have been difficult for many of us. I believe that together we are stronger – and that what matters most is that we keep doing our best to support each other. This is why, despite cost of living having gone up, I’ve decided to drop our Membership prices in April and May – I truly believe that especially in such hard times, we cannot compromise on our wellbeing. I hope that as Future Gym continues to growth in Year 2, we can continue to have your support.